Gabby's Ways

(To the tune of "Happy Days")

Playful, serious

Gabby's ways

Thoughtful, curious

Gabby's ways

Sad, delirious

Gabby's ways

Xena's pal

What a gal

She's more than just a bard

These ways were hers

Happy and free

(Now things have changed)

Gabby's life has got so hard

It's not pretty

(She seems deranged)

Goodbye girl

Hello queen

Her and Xena are still a team

But now there's lies

And betrayals, too

What's our Gabby gonna do?

We miss our sweet Gabrielle

Happy and free

(Her life's a mess)

Raped by a demon straight from Hell

That's season three

(She's in distress)

These used to be our Gabby's ways

(These used to be our Gabby's ways)

Gabby's ways!