Xena: Warr'or Princess,
A Tribute to Evil Xena

(To the tune of "Viva Las Vegas")

Bright eyed beauty gonna set my town

Gonna set my town on fire

Got a whole lot of people ready to kill

So get those crosses up higher

There's a thousand little villages waitin' out there

And they're all livin' without a care

And she's just the warlord with time to spare

Xena: Warr'or Princess, Xena: Warr'or Princess

How she wishes that there were more

Than the twenty-four bones in the human hand

'Cause even if there were forty more

She'd find a way to grind them into sand

Oh, there's fighting and loving and the torture wheel

A battle won or lost is no big deal

'Cause she's got a strong arm and a sword of steel

Xena: Warr'or Princess, Xena: Warr'or Princess

Xena: Warrior Princess with your chakram flashin'

And your ruthless army dashin'

Everybody's hopes down the drain

Xena: Warrior Princess turnin' joy into misery

Turnin' pain into pleasure

If you see her once

You'll never be the same again

She better keep on the run

She can't have any fun

It may cost her her life

But if she winds up broken up

Well, she'll always remember that she had a killer time

She's gonna give it ev'rything she's got

Lady tells her men to keep the pokers hot

Sends another soul to Ares with ev'ry shot

Xena: Warr'or Princess, Xena: Warr'or Princess

Xena, Xena: Warr'or Princess

Thank you. Thank you very much.