C'mon, Get Greedy!

(To the tune of "C'mon, Get Happy!"; The Partridge Family)

Hello, folks, here's some stuff that I'm sellin'

C'mon, get greedy!

You never know when you'll need a Herc Medallion(tm)

C'mon, get greedy!

I had a dream I'd be richer than Midas

Scam enough money to buy my own throne

But Herc usually shows up and always makes a big fuss

Then I'm back to scrimpin', gettin' by on my own

Travelin' along with my pack like a beggar

C'mon, get greedy!

You know you want your own authentic Xena Breast Dagger(tm)

It'll make you happy!

It'll make you happy!

C'mon, get greedy, er, happy!