The Beast

The warrior lies on rumpled furs

that are devoid of comfort and heat

She has left her Bard to slay a grinning foe

and can return only with it's defeat

T'was one early Morn, so dark and dreary

That they stood wrapped in each other's arms

their kisses were sweetened by each others tears.

As each promised the other that they'd come to no harm.

The Bard smiled sweetly at the Warrior proud

and gave her one more kiss to suffice

but as the Warrior shed her private tears,

the bard returned - not once, but twice.

The Warrior tried so hard to be brave

stemming the torrent for her Lover's sake

Another kiss , and a desperate embrace

For both knew that their lives were at stake.

The Bard walked off with head held high

As the Warrior watched dispairingly through misty eyes

For it could have been her very last view of her Love

Hate filled her for the foe she'd grown to dispise.

She spent the next fortnight gathering this thing and that

All needed weapons for the battle to come

For all of her cunning, wisdom and skills

were inadequate to slay this evil scum.

She thought of those green eyes begging for hope

imploring her to make this thing dissapear

She knew she would die fighting for her loves sake

For losing her Bard was her only fear...

Thus armed she bravely entered the evil beast's lair,

And called out her terms loudly in a voice harsh and bold

The beast emerged rampant and armed for a fight

But faced with her weapons, fear soon took hold..

"You've prepared well, Warrior" He said with a sneer...

"You've this thing and that thing, I cannot deny

But you cannot destroy me, else your cause will be lost,

leave me, and you'll be with her until you die"

The warrior then realized that this was a test,

capricious God's meddling again with their fates

She did not waste time futily challenging their right

For she Knew her Bard was in a much worried state.

Homeward she journied, with a much lighter heart

Thinking of her Lover's embrace

The God's took pity, and helped her to fly

Home to that special place.

Ah, the sweet reunion of bonded souls

Whose hearts are forever entwined

Beings that are two halves of a whole

two bodies, one spirit, one mind!