About the Author 

  Rab began writing XWP fan fiction even before he was on the net.  His love for Xena and Gabrielle, and his  certainty that theirs is a Love Story that rivals some of the greatest romances of all time, has compelled him to tell their story time and time again  in a sometimes  serious, sometimes irreverent but always romantic way.

Here are Lunacy's reviews of 7 of his stories:

BONDING by Rab Donald -- [Alt]

Xena and Gabrielle exchange some rather revealing little stories from their younger days. -

5 pgs., 3/9/99

DAY OF THE WARRIOR (THE) by Rab Donald -- [Alt]

With the bard away, the warrior wonders whether she should play ;-) Fun read that has Xena dealing with the usual challenges at an inn while she misses a certain blonde. -

5 pgs., 1/17/99g


Cute story that has a pesky old acquaintance of Xena spreading false tales, angering a very protective bard, and unknowingly bringing his old commander some very welcomed happiness. Nice, feel-good story. -

8 pgs., 1/9/99

FORUM by Rab Donald -- [Alt]

Xena and the bard learn there are more appropriate ways of testing their compatibility than a questionnaire...;-) Cute. - 2 pgs., 4/6/99


Amusing story that has the warrior and bard helping others find tolerance and being inadvertently helped in turn to admit the truth about their feelings for one another. Original offering. -

4 pgs., 1/17/99

SITUATION by Rab Donald -- [Alt]

Very cute offering about the trials and tribulations of one gambler in desperate need of funds to pay of debts, one bard wanting to at last admit her feelings for a certain warrior, and one Warrior Princess whose more than a little upset at suddenly finding herself without her bard. Rab uses a changing point-of-view technique that is highly effective in drawing out the characterizations and adding a wonderful humor to the piece. DO NOT MISS! -

3 pgs 3/24/99

WAGER (THE) by Rab Donald -- [Alt]

Amusing little story that has the Warrior Princess making a VERY sure bet. Some fun mind games in here. -

7 pgs., 1/11/99