Blue eyes search the depths of Green

for confirmation of her lover's vows

A tear escapes as Blue-Eyes sighs

at the realization of what she's found.

After a life spent battling myriad foes

And feeling herself to be irredeemably damned

She has found someone who sees the good in her

Someone who always understands.

Blue-Eyes takes Green-Eyes on her lap

and runs her fingers through honeyed hair

She holds her Love close and inhales the scent

Of her cherished Bard, and their passions flare.

After a candle-mark or mayhap two

(lovers ignore the passage of time)

They lay sated in each others arms

Both reveling in their love sublime.

Blue-eyes tenderly gaze into green

and wonderingly watch as a tear escapes

Their eyes mirror each other's soul

their hearts beat together, they are soul-mates.