A Bullet or a Court of Law

Insideously creeping under

your blanket of trust,

expounding his virtues one by one

He begins by "protecting" you

from real and imagined harm,

and then claims to be

protecting you from yourself.

Slowly, he takes over

until your thoughts are

no longer your own -

projecting with a look,

a touch . . .

then a fist

his displeasure

of anything that is solely of you.

The warmth, the cuddling

is begrudgingly withheld

until you toe his line

and stand on HIS mark

You die a little

everytime you bite you tongue

or swallow your pride

or try to justify

(for the sake of the children)

his fits and fists of rage.

No longer yourself

the fire feeds in your belly

and clouds your vision


the only way out

that you can see

is around him, or through him

but *AWAY* from him

no matter what, or who it takes!

A bullet or a court of law

there is no doubt in your mind

that he is a poison

corroding your heart

your mind

and your soul.

~ ~ ~ ~

DX Donald