Looking Eastward

I am left

looking eastward,

at the end of the day . . .

Smiling sadly,

I watch the sky darken

and although chilled

I stay...

With all my heart

I wish you were here

right beside me

tenderly holding me

sharing the night.

Our souls

have been parted

too long -

For this entire life-time.

I have wept for you

and longed for you

and missed your touch . . .

The Gods have deemed

Our Love worthy of trial,

Placing us so far apart

Then laughing as our souls struggle

Against all odds and

The capricious Fates

To reunite . . .

I miss the lips

that I ne'er in this lifetime met

I miss basking

in the warmth of your familiar soul

I will wait, looking eastward

Until the Gods have pity and

We are again one.