Robert George Donald

                                                                                                                                                        BIRTH- Born 17th May 1961 at 30 Brucehaven Road, Limekilns, Fife. This was the family home, and since home births were then 'going out of fashion' I was long regarded as the last person to be actually born in Limekilns. When I was young that seemed kinda cool…..doubtless that particular distinction has since been surpassed.

SPORT: Football (soccer) was a great part of my upbringing.

c. May 1973 our school team won the district cup. It was particularly gratifying as Limekilns School had reached the final on 3 previous occasions- and lost them all. I watched 2 of those as a spectator, and played in the other…..

The one blight on this success was that I failed to score a goal in the final. During the season, I scored in every single game, but that 'glory goal' eluded me.


9th May 1976

My father died. A battalion of psychiatrists/psychologists could and doubtless would analyze exactly how this event shaped my life…I cannot tell you. It was not unexpected, he had suffered from lung cancer, and in some ways the end was a mercy…. Memories are now eclectic…annoyance at 'unknown' relatives being jolly and patronizing pre-funeral, moved to tears when a naval officer left our house, paused in front of the hearse and saluted the coffin…..

Vivid recall of how when we left the crematorium, a single thunderclap was heard……


May 1979, I qualified to attend St. Andrew's University.

To be honest, I was always seen as 'clever', so this was no great surprise…as it happened, I did not distinguish myself at university and failed to graduate…sad to say alcohol and not chasing women was the greater diversion….but overall, I would recommend college to anyone who had doubts.


March 1985. My first 'proper' (i.e. full-time) job.

I began as a clerical assistant at the local housing department, working in the rent collections office. Very much an era of highs and lows. Usually for reasons beyond my control (e.g. changes in staff) I alternately loved and hated this work.

It expanded my 'social circle' but ultimately I found the constant barrage of abuse from the 'general public' to be beyond my tolerance. Actual violence was rare, threats of violence commonplace, but the most wearing aspect was the general level of disrespect and unjustified rage.


Early October 1992.

I had applied to appear on a popular UK quiz show called "Fifteen to One" Having passed an audition in Edinburgh, I received a surprise phone call to say that I could replace someone who had dropped out of the show. I agreed.

I flew from Edinburgh to London (expenses paid!) on Monday morning, had an overnight hotel stay and recorded the show on Tuesday. Boring, scary and fun in equal measures, mostly fuelled by liquid courage, I contrived to finish second.


Late October 1992.

The show was broadcast on national TV. A few of my work colleagues, and more of my mates from the pub had been pre-warned. My pub was the "East Port Bar", and as ever, I attended just after 4pm on a Friday evening….by 4:20 the pub was quite full…and expectant, the TV was tuned to the appropriate channel. I suddenly chickened out, and sought sanctuary in a different oasis. I returned when I knew the broadcast would be over. The general reaction was favorable, though I personally cringed when I viewed myself on video later that night. For at least the following week, I would be accosted by persons both known and unknown, to explain my "15 minutes of fame"


September 1998

This was the first time I had joined a largish percentage of the western world and got hooked up to the Internet. Having just previously discovered the wonder that is Xena:Warrior Princess, my surfing gravitated to Xena sites, and I met many friends……


Though I joined a particular Xena mail group back in November, it was probably April 1999, that I first encountered and truly noticed a fellow Xenite named DX……..

John Lennon said that "life is what happens when you are making plans to do something else"

An acquaintance became a friend became a BOND.

Things seemed to happen quickly, but assuredly. I won't dwell on the romantic mush, but we met in September, and we married on 30th November 1999. St. Andrew's Day, a glorious day in Scottish history, and my history.


The future is a milestone waiting to happen, plans to visit California and the Phelps family are penciled in… but life happens. The future from my point of view represents happiness, happiness with my wife and family, her family and all that is dear to both of us……

More highs, more lows, just life.