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Passion and Fury

by Rab Donald

Gabrielle stormed into the temple, her face a picture of thunderous rage. "Furies! Furies! I demand to see you. NOW!" she screamed. Her words echoed around the cavernous, stone entrance hall. There was no-one to be seen, not priest, nor worshipper, nor deity.

"ALECTO! MEGAERA! TISIPHONE!" there was more control, but no less anger in her voice as the bard summoned each Goddess by name.

Gabrielle was holding her staff so tightly, the blood had drained from her knuckles. Seeing an ornately decorated blue and white vase, she swung the weapon fiercely and shattered the ornament into a thousand pieces.

"I will destroy this temple, and everything in it. Just watch me!" she looked around for another icon to desecrate. But just as she was about to wield the staff, the small, red-blonde bard was stopped in her tracks.

The woman seemed to appear from nowhere. Taller than Gabrielle, with her short white-blonde hair swept back from her forehead, Alecto seemed to hover, before indicating with a flick of her hand that the bard should follow her.

Gabrielle entered the side chamber to find the Goddess already reclining on a comfortable settee, a goblet of wine in one hand. Before her was a table laden with wines, fruit, nuts, cheese and bread.

The bard though was more taken by Alecto’s attire than the well-laden table. Her red, diaphanous robe revealing more flesh than the bard could comfortably deal with at this time. Under the robes, the Goddess was wearing nothing more than a tiny red leather set of breeches, to Gabrielle’s eyes she may as well have been naked. She had not expected to see a ‘Fury’ looking like this.

Alecto was neither friendly nor hostile, she sounded somewhat surprised.

"A mortal has never entered our temple this way. When I heard the commotion I was about to strike you dead. And then I saw you, a mere slip of a girl. I want your name and a very good explanation as to your behaviour"

She plucked a grape from the table and dropped it into her mouth.

The bard hesitated briefly, trying to compose herself.

"My name is Gabrielle. I am here to seek justice" she said quite softly.

"Seek? You used the word ‘demand’ earlier" the Fury noted.

The calmness of Alecto seemed to irritate the bard, she wanted quick action.

"Where are the others? Are there not three of you?" she said.

Alecto smiled. "Aah! Meg and Tissy. They will be out playing somewhere.

Going amongst the mortals having sex, no doubt. I swear they think of nothing else. They are always going off together." She then leaned forward and lowered her voice. "You know I’m pretty sure they do it with each other. Can you imagine? Two women, it’s unthinkable!"

The bard managed not to blush. She cleared her throat and approached the table.

"You have cursed my friend Xena, made her go mad. I demand you lift this immediately"

"That ‘demand’ word again, Gabrielle. You know for a mortal you have some amazing courage" the Goddess said benignly.

"I have no courage" the bard said "I am here to seek help, justice for my friend"

"Sit down" Alecto said, moving her legs to leave room on the couch. "You are a friend of Xena?"

"Yes. She has done no wrong. She has atoned for her past already. Her heart is good, she is kind, loving and giving. She does not deserve your wrath. It simply is not fair" said Gabrielle as she nervously took her seat.

The red-robed woman smiled. "Not fair. I will grant you that, Gabrielle. It certainly was not fair. But then, I am a Goddess, albeit a minor one. You and your friend are mere mortals. It is the way of things."

"So you did make Xena mad! And therefore you can change her back" said the smaller woman, who could not resist taking some bread and fruit from the table.

Alecto watched her and smiled.

"You really are something else. You storm into our sacred house, with no offering, no sacrifice, and you calmly take our food and make demands! As a mortal you would make a fine Goddess, Gabrielle"

The bard looked imploring. "I have an offering. I offer you anything. I have a sacrifice, you can kill me. Summon your priest, he can slit my throat, right here, right now. All I ask is that you restore Xena’s sanity"

The Goddess smiled. "I hope Xena knows what a friend she has. I admit I don’t trouble with mortals so much, but those I have come across are nothing like you.

So noble, so brave. I do like you Gabrielle, but I cannot lift the affliction from your companion"

"Cannot!? Will not, more like" the bard raged.

"Clever too! Do you know why we cursed Xena so?" asked Alecto

"Of course I don’t! That is why I am here, to find out, to understand. To put things right. And I will not leave until I have done so!" Gabrielle’s tones were all defiance.

"We, rather I, cast down the madness upon Xena, because Ares asked me too.

Meg and Tissy voted with me, because they always do. As I have said, they care about little but pleasure, their own pleasure. Nor do I. Ares is my pleasure. While those two play with ordinary mortals, I make love with the God of War himself!

So you see, Gabrielle, there is your problem" Alecto spoke neutrally.

"Ares has some sort of fascination with Xena. He wants her to lead his army. He thinks by making her insane, she will obey him" the bard stated.

"I believe so" said Alecto. "And I have a fascination for Ares. So I do him a favour, drive Xena insane. He does me a favour, drives me insane with his lovemaking. And once you have bedded the War God himself, where else is there to go?"

"So Ares gets his way, though he will NEVER get Xena, I may add. You get your desires fulfilled. Megaera and Tisiphone don’t care either way. Great!" Gabrielle was for the first time, despondent. Her rage spent.

"And you my child, suffer. It is not fair, you are right" said Alecto.

"I am not suffering. XENA is suffering" the bard cried out. "She is tormented, driven to despair, suicidal." Suddenly Gabrielle’s eyes lit up. "Make me mad, put the affliction on me. I will take her place"

"Gabrielle, my dear. You are not thinking straight. Ares has no interest in you. You cannot lead his army. It is only Xena he wants. You know I do feel sorry for her.

As I said, mortal-watching is not a great hobby of mine, but what I have seen of her, I really admire Xena. And believe me, I am a big fan of yours now. I do wish I could help. But I am a Goddess. A selfish Goddess, who has needs, lusts and desires that I must, I will have satisfied" Alecto looked almost apologetic.

"There must be SOMETHING I can do!" Gabrielle had tears in her eyes.

Alecto put down her wine goblet. "There, there my dear" she whispered taking the gently weeping bard into her arms. As the woman pulled her in, Gabrielle became all too aware of the firm breasts, covered by the flimsiest of material, rubbing against her own bosom. A thrill went through her body, she sensed a heat coming off the Goddess.

Gabrielle began to wail more loudly, causing Alecto to squeeze tighter.

Suddenly, the bard slid a hand straight between Alecto’s legs, she lowered her head to kiss the pert breasts through the robe. She forced Alecto’s breeches to one side, creating enough room to slide two fingers into the edge of a godly pussy.

Not for the first time today, Alecto was simply stunned.

"Gabrielle? Gabrielle what….?" She said looking down at the red-blonde hair.

The bard felt a shiver going through Alecto’s body. She ripped hard at the leather breeches, literally tearing them off. Her mouth worked more frantically on stiffening nipples as she thrust her fingers deeper, harder and faster into the woman’s increasingly slippery cunt.

"Gabrielle!" the blonde gasped, she was still shocked, reeling from this assault.

"You must stop this.. .." she moaned.

The bard knew she was winning. As her thumb began to rove a circular route against Alecto’s clitoris, the deity parted her legs, her body jolted and she let out a yelp.

"Lie back" the red-blonde ordered as she began to kiss her way down Alecto’s body. "Open those legs, wider!"

Their roles had reversed. The Goddess now was obedient, supplicant.

"What are you doing now..?" she gasped as the bard’s tongue found it’s target.

"Oh! Gabrielle no!" Alecto moaned as the bard licked with an almost frenzied action, inner thigh, labia, clitoris. She began to caress her own bosom as Gabrielle gently raised her off the couch, to force her face even deeper between splayed legs.

Holding her by the buttocks, the bard was probing her tongue into the glistening slit, lapping the love-juices then rasping it roughly across the swollen clitty.

She also started to jab a finger viciously into the small orifice that was Alecto’s anus.

"Ow!" Alecto yelped her breathing becoming frantic. Her body was writhing. Waves of pure pleasure, interjected by jolts of pain, then bliss.

The bard could tell by the increased, shuddering that Alecto was close.

Her head was thrown back, it rolled from side to side, her body was out of voluntary control.

The bard continued to force a finger, way past the second knuckle, into Alecto’s anus. But she slowed down the ministrations of her tongue. The fast, flicking action replaced by a few slow gentle lappings.

"Gabrielle? Gabrielle!!" shrieked the Goddess "Don’t stop! I demand that you carry on. Ares was never this good! Please, I implore you!" Alecto was all but in tears.

"That ‘demand’ word" smiled the bard, as she raised her head, her face covered in Alecto’s flow.

"Lift the curse from Xena" grinned a triumphant young woman. "and I will show you pleasure beyond your dreams"

"Please! Gabrielle, I need release" the Goddess was begging.

The bard lowered her head, and began to reapply herself to the task. Once again, she brought Alecto right to the very brink of climax, then stopped.

"Oh! Please, this is torture. You are tormenting me!" Alecto was now savagely kneading her own breasts, pulling at the nipples with her fingernails.

"And you are tormenting my Xena. Lift the curse now!" yelled Gabrielle.

"Megaera, Tisiphone! Here! Now!" the Goddess barked a command.

Her fellow furies appeared, laughing and giggling, both in a state of semi-undress.

"Alec, baby! At last" cooed Meg as she saw the situation.

"Very pretty!" smiled Tissy.

"Xena’s insanity. Lift it. NOW!" yelled Alecto

Gabrielle was gently fingering the blonde fury, she watched the new arrivals.

They stood, holding each other, giggling.

"Do it you bitches!" cried Alecto

"It is done" they said together.

The bard smiled, outwardly and inwardly, before lowering her head to finish the her task.

Alecto looked up with unfocused eyes at her cohorts.

"Don’t just stand there! Suck my tits, do something, anything!" she gasped.

Release, blissful orgasm followed soon after.

Xena arrived at the temple. She saw her bard and they ran towards each other and fell into a powerful hug.

"I don’t know what happened. I just suddenly gained clarity, then I felt compelled to come here" said the warrior.

Meg and Tissy giggled. "Zeus! I’d love to fuck her" they said in unison.

Alecto walked over. "Xena, I owe you an apology. I wronged you. I am in your debt" she said.

"I don’t care much for the Gods" the warrior replied dryly.

"Nonetheless" Alecto continued "I will honour my debt. You should know something else. You are truly blessed. Gabrielle must be the best friend anyone could ever have" she smiled at the bard.

"That I already know" said Xena, holding her friend.

Alecto turned to Gabrielle. "As for you my dear, whatever influence I, we, have with the other Gods, we shall use to ensure you and Xena stay together"

Gabrielle smiled. "You are sweet, but that is not necessary. Xena and I will be together for eternity. That I already know"

As the warrior and bard left, smiling, arm in arm, Alecto turned to her mates.

"You two have been doing this for some time?"

"Yes" they laughed together "of course"

"And you never told me about it! To my bed, both of you. Now! I have a lot of catching up to do"