Lachesis, what have you planned for these mere mortals?

A supplicant, I fall upon your uncaring alter of fate.

I implore you give me happiness that i may share it with my lover

Do not tarry, else I am certain perpetual madness will be my fate!

Please tell me why you bid Clotho to weave our threads together

in such a harmonious and lovely pattern that seemed endless to the eye

and then bade her to add this horror, this thread of trepidition

An ominous possibility that our threads will be parted by and by  . . .

I call up on you, weaver of destinies, to kindly reconsider

and bid thy sister to once again weave our threads together

Our seperation mutes the colors and makes our threads so brittle

the pattern of our souls joined must give even a Goddess pleasure .

Lachesis, will you please hasten to let us know your descision?

The choice is yours to make, but please, let our spirits soar

Uncertainty is a tool of Tartarus, a blood-sucking Bacchae -

Please allow us to be together until Atropos cuts our cords.