Deborah Marie Phelps Donald


If life is a journey, then I've changed tracks more often than most.

The journey began November 8th, 1956; when I was born to a hard-working young couple in Kewanee, Illinois. Mom and Dad had plenty of support when I arrived, as I was the first grandchild of doting grandparents.Also my parent's lived in a tri-plex owned by my great-grandma, and she thought nothing of barging through their apartment to collect me at my first whimper, and would whisk me away to her rocking chair.

I have many happy childhood memories: …of riding in the backseat, singing with my brothers (Brian and Jeff)… of my brother Brian and I cuddling our heads together when we were tired on a long trip, and calling it our "shape"… of a family trip to Washington State, where I got to see real indians (A life long passion)…of my fantastic playhouse when we moved to Cambridge . . . of catching lightning bugs and playing "hide and seek" in the gathering dusk . . .of Dad teaching us "Draw a magic circle"… of listening to tales of my Mom's childhood . . . The goodnight cuddles . . .

I'll fast forward through a troubled adolescence - no-one wants to relive THAT!

One of my many ambitions while growing up was to be a UN interpreter, I was always fascinated with the different languages and cultures of the world. I got the opportunity to learn Spanish when I met and married a truly remarkable man, Jose Cardona, of Jalisco, Mexico. We were married 2 years when I gave birth to his son, who he named Efrain Arturo Cardona; after his father-in-law and brother-in-law. He thought the world of them. He was a doting father, but unfortunately passed away as a result of a car wreck when his son was 3.

I can't begin to say how much joy Brian has brought into my life. He was joined by his little sister, Erin, 3 years later . . . she was my little "Sunshine Girl". Giving birth to my two children was the most important thing I've ever accomplished.

Again, we'll fast forward through some really turbulent times, the highlights of the 80's and most of the nineties were all related to excelling in college and being bitten by the computer bug (Thanks to Mom and Dad for giving me a Commodore 64).

Thanks to my son, Brian, I had access to the internet in early '99. I immediately found all of the Xena sites I could, and joined several mailing lists that were Xena related. Through an UNBELIEVABLE series of events, I met and fell in love with, a Scottish Man . . . all online! Mom and Dad made it possible for me to visit him in Scotland, and all of my dreams came true. I had found my soul-mate, and he proposed a few days before my visit was over.

Now I wish life would slow down (no more fast forwarding!) I want to savour every moment with him, I feel like I'm finally LIVING . . .

I miss my parents, my children, and my brothers terribly, but plan to cherish every moment we're together this Christmas!