DISCLAIMER: No infringement of copyright concerning Xena/Gabrielle/Argo is intended. As with ALL my stories, it goes without saying that Xena and Gabrielle are deeply in love. WARNING: This story contains SEX, Graphic sex between consenting adult women. If you are underage PLEASE do not read on. If the idea of women enjoying sex with other women offends you, stop reading and go seek therapy.


Same Life, Different Day

by Rab Donald

Waking Up

The summer had not been too hot, which suited the two women just fine. Travelling was not fun in oppressive heat, but this season it had been merely very warm during the day, and cool and comfortable at night. "Are you awake yet, my precious?" the dark-haired warrior whispered to the vision of beauty who lay by her side. "Just about" yawned Gabrielle and she sat up, pulling off the single thin blanket that had covered them overnight.

"Gods! You are beautiful!" the bard sighed, "I love that little black shift you are wearing, it's much sexier than the cream one"

"Thank you" Xena said simply. She looked down the length of her own body. It was a very pleasing sight, she had to agree.

"A new day, Gabrielle. Do you still love me?" the warrior grinned.

"Like you need to ask!" smiled the bard, her green eyes sparkling.

They leaned into each other and exchanged a loving kiss.

Ever since they had finally both realised that they were indeed soulmates, bound together for eternity, they had vowed to begin and end each day with a kiss.

"You are looking pretty tasty yourself" said Xena her blue eyes devouring every inch of her lover's body, from the soft red-blonde hair, to dainty toes.

"I love this night-shirt you wear" said the warrior. As she spoke her hands stretched across to unlace the ties at the chest.

"Do you like the colour?" asked Gabrielle who was watching her friend's hands as they pulled the pale yellow material aside.

"Mmmm" replied Xena "I really like the easy access……"

She leaned down and began to gently kiss and suckle on the bard's left breast as her fingers teased the nipple of it's twin.

Gabrielle again closed her eyes. "You don't waste much time" she breathed. The warrior switched over, now her mouth was clamped around the right breast, her hand quite forcefully fondling the other.

Gabrielle grabbed Xena by the hair, forcing her mouth harder down against her tingling bosom.

"Not in the mood for chatting, eh?" she sighed "fine by me"

Xena laid her bard gently back down on the bedroll. She released the swollen nipple to kiss and nuzzle Gabrielle's neck and then their mouths fell upon each other's. As their tongues explored greedily, so did their hands.

The blonde bard was squeezing Xena's breasts tightly, while the warrior's hand were now roaming freely over Gabrielle's bottom and thighs.

She eased the bard's legs apart and began to finger her wetness.

"Yes, my love yes!" gasped the younger woman, who began to move her hips into a rhythm. Xena broke off the kiss and swiftly moved her head down between her lover's legs.

"You are ready for this" she said gleefully before burying her face into the musky centre.

Gabrielle was reduced to making only a series of grunts and squeals as the muscle of Xena's probing tongue lapped furiously at her juices.

It took very little time for the bard to let out the shrill scream that indicated she had reached glorious conclusion. But Xena was not finished.

Despite weak protestations, she continued to lick vigorously at her friend's glistening slit.

"Xe.. Xe.." the bard gasped, as the well of pleasure began to rise again throughout her body. She began to harshly knead her own breasts as a tormenting tongue now darted back and forth, snake-like against her swollen clitty.

"Princess… finger-fuck me!!!" she demanded.

Xena complied, easing three fingers into Gabrielle's core while her tongue carried on it's relentless delicious assault on the bard's most sensitive area. The younger woman began to grind her hips, loving the thrills that her warrior's fingers were providing, she was driven to attain a further climax.

She wanted Xena to stop, yet she wanted Xena to never stop. It was torture at it's most exquisite.

The bard was all but in tears by the time she had shrieked her second orgasm. "X eeee nnn aaaaa!!!" The sound echoed around the forest shattering the early morning calm. When the warrior finally stopped, she raised her face and grinned, wickedly.

Gabrielle smiled. She looked down to see Xena's lips, nose and chin all shining from the juices of her satisfied cunt. "Let me clean your face" she laughed as she began to lick her own essence from the smiling visage of her warrior.

Finding Your Way

They walked together slowly, side by side with Argo trotting faithfully just behind them. For a while, words had been unnecessary. Warm smiles and loving looks had provided the only dialogue, but it was a dialogue that spoke volumes. Finally, the warrior said.

"I am certain we are close to Heraklis, it is a great place, I think you will like it"

The bard tilted her head. "All I need is you" she cooed "and maybe a decent tavern" she added with a cheeky grin.

A little further up the road, the two women stopped.

"Well you knew that had to happen" Gabrielle sighed "we come to a cross-roads and their is no signpost"

"You know what that means?" asked Xena

"We are lost?" the blonde wondered.

"No. Bandits, robbers. They are probably watching us right now. They remove the signpost so that travellers have to stop, hesitate. Be ready with your staff, Gabrielle"

As a precaution, Xena withdrew her sword, she swirled about on her heels, checking in every direction for unwelcome company.

The five men hidden in the ditch were keeping their heads low.

"Has she gone yet?" one whispered. "Keep your voice down" another demanded, "Xena can hear a spider spin it's web!"

"You shut up! Kouros. This was your stupid idea in the first place!"

"Yeah. Let's set an ambush. Nice job, Kouros" a further voice added

"we wait three hours and no-one comes by, and now this!"

"This is not my fault!" the man called Kouros lost his patience.

From above them, a voice called down. "OK boys, you got us trapped, we give in" the sardonic tones were too much for the men. They slowly pulled themselves up from the ditch and dusted themselves down.

"Hello Xena, we were just digging a drainage channel" one said weakly.

"We don't have much money, business has been slow today" another offered.

"You have got this all wrong, boys. You are supposed to be robbing us"

laughed the warrior "two defenceless women"

"Don't hurt us please" said Kouros "we will give you anything you want"

The warrior looked askance. "What on earth would we want from you?"

Gabrielle stepped forward and whispered in her ear.

Xena smiled. "There is one thing"

"Anything! Anything at all" Kouros implored.

Xena stepped forward menacingly.

"Can you tell us which road leads to Heraklis?"

Making a Decision

"I think we should get a room somewhere and stay in Heraklis for a day or so. It is a busy town, lots of inns, a good market. Lots of things to do"

Gabrielle looked at her friend. There was something mysterious about that final remark.

"It wasn't so long ago that I was last here. There was an excellent blacksmith just down this road. I think Argo could use a rest and some pampering, right girl?" The horse snorted her approval.

Having left Argo in capable hands, the two woman were now in a large inn. Gabrielle sat down, sipping very slowly on a glass of wine. It was still very early for her to be drinking. Xena stood at the corner of the bar where the owner was studying the register.

"I know it is still early morning, but I want to book a room now. You do have rooms don't you?" asked the warrior. The inn-keeper had eyed her with suspicion from the moment they walked in. Xena disliked they way he stared disapprovingly, and the fact that he seemed to be stalling.

"The summer season is drawing to a close. Some rooms became available last week" the man said, without looking up. "I can't give you two adjoining, but I have two that are on the same floor" he said it as if he were offering a treasure map.

"One room" said Xena "we are economising" she added wryly.

The inn-keeper looked up this time. He assessed Xena, then looked over to where Gabrielle was seated.

"Single room, twin beds" he said firmly.

The warrior grabbed his arm.

"Single room, double bed" she growled, and then just to irk him she added "a large double bed, we may be entertaining later"

The man went red, apoplectic. "No whores here! You've got the wrong part of town you tramp!" he spat the words with venom.

Xena smiled. She did not want to cause a scene and upset Gabrielle. Instead she spoke in a low voice, but her expression conveyed her feeling


"We are not whores! We are just girls who wanna have fun! When I said 'entertaining' I was thinking more of your wife. The poor woman probably doesn't get much in the way of bed-time fun with you!" she laughed.

The inn-keeper turned from bright red, to pure white, back to bright red.

"I do not have to give you a room" he spluttered "I could just kick you out on your ass!" Even as he spoke, he knew this was an idle boast.

"And we don't have to stay here!" the warrior retorted "you narrow minded creep!"

Both were enraged, but trying to control themselves, Xena for the sake of her friend, the man because he had realised that this woman was not one you insulted lightly. Then Gabrielle came over.

"Do they have rooms?" she asked Xena in her melodic voice.

The black-haired woman shot a glance at the inn-keeper.

"One room with double bed and hot-tub, top floor, number 7" he said handing over the key.

Once inside their room, Xena asked Gabrielle. "Do you want to go out straight away, visit the market? Or just hang around here for a while?"

Gabrielle gave her friend a salacious look, then pulled her skirt up.

She placed her forefinger into her mouth, sucked on it loudly, then lowered it between her legs. With one hand holding herself open, she slid the wet finger, slowly into her pussy.

"I can think of something better to do" she grinned.

Xena did not move. "This is better than the theatre" she said.

So Gabrielle put on a show.


"I love walking in the sunshine" said the bard, smiling up at her friend.

"I wasn't planning on going anywhere in particular, yet" said Xena "I just thought a stroll around town would be nice"

"Anything we do together is nice" said Gabrielle, touching her lover's arm.

"Do you remember Diana, King Lias' daughter?" asked the warrior.

"Of course" replied Gabrielle who looked quizzical.

"And Meg, who unbelievably had a thing for Joxer?" Xena continued.

"Yes, I remember them both" the bard was truly puzzled.

"You must have really fancied them" smiled the taller woman "I mean you better had, they both look exactly like me"

Gabrielle was not quite sure how to reply.

"I don't love you just for your physical appearance, stunning though you are. I love YOU Xena, the whole package. Everything about you"

"But you do find Diana and Meg sexy?" the warrior persisted.

The bard's grin was confirmation.

"So which one would you most like to bed? Diana, shy and innocent, or Meg, experienced and earthy?"

Gabrielle realised that this was one of those games they played, though usually it was herself who started them. She loved Xena even more for taking the lead. Her face suddenly lit up.

"I choose you Xena! Every time" the blonde was pleased with her answer.

"That is cheating, Gabrielle!" the warrior gently rebuked.

"OK, all three of you!" the smaller woman was having fun, "It would be fantastic for me, maybe a bit strange for you"

"I once slept with twin sisters at a whorehouse. It was a bit weird, but apparently they were at each other all the time" laughed the warrior.

"And why were you at a whorehouse?" asked Gabrielle "don't tell me that you had to pay for sex"

"No" replied Xena "I discovered that the girls who worked there were very into fucking women. Sex with men was their job. For pleasure, they really loved to fuck each other. A lot" she smiled at the recollection.

Gabrielle gave her friend a playful pinch.

"I was a hero to some of these women, they all wanted to have me" the warrior winked at her companion "so I let them"

"OK, I have one for you" said Gabrielle, who was enjoying this game.

"you can choose between Ephiny and Epinon. She was the one who first taught me to use a fighting staff"

"I remember Epinon" the warrior grinned. "how about I fool around with Ephiny, you can screw Epinon. Then after a few hours, we swap, as long as you are there I am happy"

"Good answer" laughed Gabrielle, "your diplomatic skills are improving"

"I've learnt from the best. You have a very persuasive tongue!"

Gabrielle blushed at that remark.

"But I'm not there. I am home in Potidaea, at my sister's wedding"

"Lila is getting married and I'm not invited!?" Xena grinned.

"For the purposes of this game, Lila is getting married and you are unable to attend. I have left you with the Amazons, and by my queenly decree, you can have either Epinon or Ephiny" smiled the bard.

Xena thought for a moment. "I know exactly what I would do" she grinned.

"I would send those two back to Ephiny's tent, to get things started. Then I would have a wander around the settlement, pick three or four of the prettiest girls, and we would all go back for a party"

Gabrielle feigned outrage.

"Nice! Very nice! I am at home, I don't even have Lila to talk to, she is off on her honeymoon. I am alone, crying my eyes out because I miss you so much. And all the time you are having the time of your life at an orgy with half a dozen of my most gorgeous Amazons!!"

Xena laughed out loud. "Take it as a compliment, my darling. I would need six or seven women in my bed, to reproduce the pleasure that just you alone can give me"

"Hades! You are good Xena" laughed the bard "now could we go get something to eat? I am famished"

A Call From Nature

They had returned to the inn.

"No matter what you think of the owner, that was a terrific meal" said a contented Gabrielle.

"I have to agree. More wine my love?" asked Xena.

"You have been plying me with wine all morning. I swear you are trying to get me tipsy" giggled the bard.

Xena said nothing, just gazed into green eyes.

"You know this stuff goes right through me. I am going to have to visit the little ladies room" Gabrielle laughed.

"I admit it" sighed the warrior "I have just been trying to get you frisky"

"Xena, my love, my everything. Let me give you a lesson in economics, and life" Gabrielle said quite solemnly.

"You do not need to buy me wine to make me frisky. I feel naughty all the time, as long as you are with me. In future, save yourself the dinars you spend on the wine, just throw me over your shoulder, find a decent place,


The bard spoke rather more loudly than she meant to. Heads turned.

Xena glared at every one of them. Heads turned back quickly.

"Now, I must just nip back to the market, alone. I saw something I want to buy for you" Gabrielle squeezed Xena's hand.

"I'll be upstairs, my little bard" the warrior replied.

Giving Directions (Giving Directions)

"Lower, lower babe" Xena gasped.

"Yes! My sweet, down there. Finger my arse. Do it!!" the warrior demanded. "Oh you sweet young thing, you are driving me crazy"

The warrior rolled around on the bed.

"Your tongue! Damn you, lick me!"

She forced a blonde head harder against herself.

Xena played with her own breasts, pulling at her nipples.

"Yes, babe, Eat me! Tongue my clitty, my pussy, I want it all!!"

The blonde lapped at the love juices for all she was worth.

"You've got it darling! I am getting there. Force that finger up my arse, do it you harlot! Lick me! Harder! Faster! Lick me you bitch"

As Xena writhed in pleasure, the blonde did as she was told.

"Yes!! I'm there! You gorgeous little madam! Don't stop!! Oh baaabe!"

The warrior princess climaxed loudly.

A few moments later, Gabrielle walked in.

"Who was that Blonde?" she asked.

"Sorry, my sweet, didn't catch her name. I think she is the inn-keeper's daughter" smiled Xena.

"So I go out for half an hour, and you are screwing around?!"

"I couldn't help it" said Xena "She was a maiden. She wanted me to be her first. How could I refuse?"

Gabrielle burst into a broad smile.

"I hope she was good. But you do realise that I'm going to have to give you a damned good spanking?!"

Practise Makes Perfect

"I think you will like this place" grinned Xena as they walked in the late afternoon sunshine.

"I have been trying to figure it out" said the bard, "are we going to a whorehouse?"

"No, though some of the women may be Hetaira, exclusive whores" said the raven-haired woman.

Gabrielle wondered for a moment, Xena had suddenly gone quiet.

"You look sad, you're not worried about the inn-keeper's daughter?" are you. It was the bard who had spoken.

"You certainly didn't hold back with the spanking, I swear my buttocks must still be red!" grinned Xena. "I hope you weren't angry"

"I was hard, because I knew that was how you wanted it. You felt guilty and wanted to be punished" smiled Gabrielle.

"You are good!" her friend admired.

"Xena, there is something I know with utter certainty, though it took me a while to find out. You love me. And you love me completely"

The raven-haired warrior became all admiring smile. "Yes I do. You are more than life itself to me Gabrielle."

It was the bard's turn to smile. "So if some eager girl comes along and wants to bed you, and you find her attractive, I am not going to worry. I know you will always be in my bed at the end of the night. And forever"

The warrior leaned down and gently kissed her friend.

"Oh and I forgot to mention to you, when I went to the market, I tried on a dress, the woman who owned the shop came in to help me"

Xena arched her eyebrows. "Well I didn't get the dress, but she did show me how a two-pronged dildo worked!" laughed the bard.

"It is the large building on the corner, I checked when we were out earlier that Alana is still there" said the warrior. "Now we don't have to go in, we can turn back right now" she added.

"Now I remember!" said Gabrielle "you told me about this place once before.

Alana is the rich woman who surrounds herself with attractive girls"

"Yes, Alana lives only for pleasure, and for her that means bedding as many women as she can. Of course her place now has a reputation, so any female who is of a like disposition flocks to her door"

"Well all I can say Xena is that I plan to make love with you a very great deal. I want to be the best lover you have ever had." Smiled the bard.

"You already her my precious. And I just want to make you happy. I admit that from experience, I have found spending time at Alana's place, and similar establishments to be a lot of fun. So shall we go in?"

Gabrielle slid an arm around Xena's waist. "well they say 'Practise makes perfect' and by the sound of it I'm going to get a lot of practise this evening. Let's go for it!"

Trial and Error

The room was surprisingly just like a well-furnished tavern. There was a bar, tables and chairs and a few long couches. Neither was it as busy as Gabrielle had expected. What the bard did expect was true, there were only women present, and they all seemed to be attractive.

Gabrielle just knew that the woman with the long blonde, very straight hair was Alana. It was not just her low-cut dress displaying an impressive cleavage, nor the shortness of the dress that revealed a skimpy pair of blue breeches. It was everything about her. Her smile, her eyes, her entire demeanour simply oozed sex.

"Xena!! My darling!" gushed Alana as she hurried across the room.

The host threw her arms around the warrior and planted her mouth firmly against Xena's. When she finally released from the kiss, she grabbed the warrior by the hand. "You must come upstairs right away!

You look more delicious than ever, I could eat you!"

Xena held firm. "This is Gabrielle, my best friend, my lover, my entire life"

There was an obvious hint of warning in the statement.

Alana turned to the smaller woman. "A divine creature, simply divine!"

She then again tried to pull Xena away in the direction of the staircase.

The warrior squeezed Alana's hand tightly, very tightly.

"You go upstairs Alana, I am going to speak with my friend" there was even more firmness in her voice.

The hostess seemed almost oblivious to any threat as she wandered away upstairs.

Xena escorted her bard to the bar where they took wine. Every head in the room turned to look at them. Gabrielle could not recall ever seeing so many looks of naked lust.

"Gabrielle my love, this place can get pretty wild. But there is one rule.

Downstairs, you are relatively safe, though I'm certain you will get many propositions, as long as you stay in the bar, no-one will touch you. If you go upstairs, you are more or less giving your consent to take part in anything and everything"

"Xena, relax and go upstairs. I will be fine. Alana clearly has big plans for you, so just enjoy it. To be honest, I've seen a couple of women who I wouldn't mind getting to know better. I have desires and lusts too you know!" grinned the red-blonde bard.

The warrior was surprised to see that Alana was alone in her room.

She was sprawled across the bed with the front of her dress unlaced, leaving her large breasts unfettered. Her legs were open enough to allow one hand to be forced inside her small breeches.

"Xena! I knew you could not wait. Come suck on my titties, they are aching for your tongue"

"No harem?" asked Xena.

"Just the two of us, my love. When I saw you walk through that door I just knew that Aphrodite had answered my prayers. You were, and still are the most gorgeous woman I have ever known. I am going to show you such a good time, you will never want to leave me again!" purred the blonde.

As Xena began to remove her armour, Alana positively glowed.

The warrior climbed on the bed next to her, taking in her body with appreciative blue eyes.

"Alana, you are one sexy woman. But hear this, and hear it well.

I want to fuck you, but I will never be yours. Gabrielle is the only person in my life, she is the only person who will EVER be in my life."

The warrior unhooked her chakram. "I will kill anyone who tries to come between us, man or woman. We are both here for a good time, but that is all. Now do you understand that?"

Alana continued with her wanton look. "You can have anyone Xena, I have dozens of girls. Harlots, beauties from all parts of the globe, girls with boobs like you wouldn't believe. Young girls! You like them young Xena?

All you have to do is stay here with me"

The warrior was beginning to think this was a mistake. She had not realised just how Alana had felt about her. But the woman was clearly determined, and obviously not listening. It was with great reluctance that Xena slammed two fingers at Alana's neck.

"I have just cut off the blood supply to your brain. You will be dead in thirty seconds. I'm sorry, Alana, but this seems to be the only way to get your attention. I am Gabrielle's, and she is mine. Only Gabrielle herself can decide to change that. So stop all this nonsense about me staying here, and let us get down to some good old-fashioned fucking!"

The warrior released her 'pinch'.

"Oh Xena" sighed the long-haired blonde "I love it when you go all dangerous!" Alana then cupped her own breasts and offered them up for the dark haired woman to suck on. Which she did, greedily.

Gabrielle had been lead up to a room by a tall, skinny woman with copper coloured hair and a blonde with very short cropped hair, and eyes as green as the bard's herself.

"You know my pussy has been dripping from the moment I saw you" sighed the tall woman as she lay back on a bed, hitching up her skirt.

"Nadina is going to fuck you, but only if you lick me. We work as a team"

The bard sensed the other woman behind her, as she bent over to bury her face into the sopping pussy.

Short-haired Nadina had strapped a dildo to herself and pushed forward against Gabrielle, grabbing the bards breasts as she did so.

"In her pussy or up her arse?" Nadina asked.

The copper-haired woman was gasping with pleasure as Gabrielle lapped furiously between her legs. "I don't think Gabrielle cares right now" she smiled.

Nadina smiled too "Her slit is so wet, she must be begging for it" And she thrust herself hard into the glistening wetness.

After several hours, Xena and Gabrielle both found themselves back down at the bar, for a drink and some rest.

"Zeus! Xena! The things that they have done too me. At one point I had this dildo shoved way up my ass, while two girls liked at my pussy and clitty. I thought I was going to faint!"

Xena smiled and kissed her friend. "I'm glad you are having fun"

"You've done this before Xena, what is the best? I've been invited to join Alana and SIX other girls! All those tongues!"

Xena again grinned. "If you are having fun, try a bit of everything.

Personally, I find you can have too many people in the same bed, but you won't know until you try! trial and error, my love, trial and error"

Waiting for Gareth

It was very dark as they began the walk back to the inn.

"I'm tender all over" laughed Gabrielle "I can barely walk!"

"That Nadina sure had a thing for your bum, did she ever take that dildo off?!" laughed the warrior.

"Actually" smiled the bard, "before we left she gave me one as a gift. And I had already bought you a two-pronged one this afternoon at the market"

Xena suddenly stopped. "In the morning I will go to the stables, see if Gareth is there"

"Gareth?" Gabrielle interrupted "Not that giant?"

"Gareth the blacksmith" laughed the warrior. "If he has not had enough time to re-shoe Argo, we could spend some more time here, back at Alana's place if you wish"

"Xena you are amazing! I'm not saying I wouldn't like too, because I really enjoyed that. But please tell me you know that I utterly love you. What we did this evening was just fun. A dozen Alana's with dildoes could not give me half of what you do" the bard was sincere.

"Though having two mouths sucking on my tits is hard to beat" she added with a cheeky grin.

"We both know. That is why we can enjoy ourselves so much" said Xena

They had reached their room. After a quick wash in too cold water, Xena donned her black shift and Gabrielle her pale yellow night-shirt.

"Another day over, Xena, do you still love me?" asked Gabrielle.

"Like you need to ask" smiled the warrior, and they exchanged the kiss that they had always vowed to do.

Lying on their backs, Xena slid a hand over to fondle Gabrielle's butt.

Suddenly, they heard the door being unlocked, opened, then quietly closed.

In the dark, Xena grabbed for her sword.

"It is me Xena, Livia, the inn-keeper's daughter. Remember?"

The young blonde girl lit a candle. She was standing totally naked.

"I was hoping to sleep with you tonight"

The youngster then noticed Gabrielle and looked startled and embarrassed.

Xena and Gabrielle exchanged a quick glance. It was the bard who spoke.

"Jump in between us my dear. But I cannot promise you much sleep!"

The end