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It contains 'graphic' descriptions of sex. NOT graphic enough, I'm just not that good at writing them.

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Gabrielle had never before been given the choice of such an array of fine gowns, exotic dresses. Standing in the crowded central hall of the palace, she worried if her eventual choice had been the correct one. The dress was simple, pure white in colour, with the minimum of lace trim. It was also figure-hugging and more revealing than she had realised.

The built-in support at the bust caused her cleavage to be prominent, the hem-line settled on the tops of her thighs, just enough to cover the delicate lacy underpants that had been part of the attire. The bard was very conscious of the fact that if she bent down at all……

The flowers laced through her hair were apparently redundant, it seemed to the bard that all eyes were looking anywhere but at the top of her head.

The gentlest of touches on her bare forearm was enough to quell some of her nerves. Without having to look, Gabrielle knew who was now by her side, and having the Warrior Princess by your side, made any ordeal so much easier to deal with.

It had taken some persuasion for Xena to relinquish her leathers, but assurances from the king, and entreaties from her friend had meant that she too was in unfamiliar garb. The tall, raven-haired beauty had selected more hastily. Another plain dress, this one in a rich, royal purple, but like Gabrielle's, it seemed designed to be more revealing than concealing.

The side splits showed almost every inch of her powerful, sculpted thighs,

the plunge neckline led all eyes to her ample bosom. However, it was the lack of her sword that really made the warrior feel naked.

The atmosphere of hushed reverence in the vast room inhibited conversation, the two women exchanged warm smiles. Xena had to stifle a gasp when she looked down upon her friend. Aware that she may be gawping, the warrior hastily averted her gaze from the bard's décolletage, only to find her self transfixed by the glorious outline of her firm, shapely buttocks. The taller woman swallowed hard, she fidgeted as moisture dampened her breeches.

Gabrielle too felt a warm liquid feeling in the pit of her stomach, her mind was a confusion of emotions, and she was aware of the flush that spread across her face. Unable to stop herself, her hand sought out Xena's and their fingers briefly entwined.

A deep, resonant voice galvanised the attention of the whole room. All eyes were now cast forward, toward the dais, and the tiny bald-headed man.

The priest cut an odd looking figure, diminutive in stature, ageing, and his bald pate shining as the sunlight streamed through small, slit windows.

Yet his voice was commanding, authoritative, quite simply, impossible to ignore.

"We are gathered for a joining, a bonding of souls, a unity of love"


The two women were now back in the bedroom that had been assigned to Xena, in the vast palace of the King of Asmaria.

"Wasn't that romantic?" there was an earnest quality in Gabrielle's voice that the warrior found both touching, and amusing.

"Weddings always give me a warm glow" the bard added.

Xena was standing at a small table, where a large flagon of wine had been provided. She smiled at her friend who was perched on the side of the bed.

"I'm not sure about romantic, the marriage is as much of two kingdoms, as two people" Xena rather wished she had not said these words, she too was experiencing a warm glow, a warm glow in her loins. Beautiful at any time, today, her friend looked simply breathtaking, and the warrior was lost in a mire of both utter love and total lust. Unlike most people who found wine increased their desires, Xena was imbibing to quell her passions. She felt guilt at her own wanton thoughts, while her friend was musing on romance.

"I thought they made a lovely couple, he perfectly handsome, and she was quite beautiful" Gabrielle had a distant look in her eyes.

The warrior walked across and handed her friend a goblet, she sat down on the bed, but deliberately keeping a distance between them. Close proximity, seemed suddenly unwise, lest her desires overwhelm her.

Xena allowed an image of the couple to enter her mind, she had paid little heed to the man, the King's eldest son, but yes, the bride had been lovely.

It had occurred to the warrior that in recent times, though she still found some men handsome, she desired none. She was also finding more and more women attractive, and very much desirable, though in a fleeting sense.

Her own body it seemed, was now attuned to but one person. A single entity could induce feelings of love, lust, desire and passion. One woman had somehow reawakened her libido, inflamed her fantasies, invaded her dreams. Xena drained her goblet in one swallow

"Sorry, what were we talking about?"

The blonde-haired woman smiled, she knew that Xena was distracted, but had put it down to the outfit. The warrior never seemed at ease in a dress.

"Tell me again, why were we invited? Not that I'm complaining, my room is as splendid as this, I've never seen such an inviting looking bed"

Xena was back at the table, sipping on her re-filled wine.

"I rescued King Philip's son from kidnappers. I did it for money of course"

The warrior felt somehow the need to add that detail, "But the King was grateful, and he has felt indebted to me ever since."

"Did you notice the bride's five brothers? They surely noticed you!" the bard started a new strand of conversation, holding up her own, now empty goblet. Xena took the vessel and went to refill it.

"I thought it was you they were ogling" she remarked with a grin.

"Don't ask me why" Gabrielle was leaning forward, now not at all self-conscious of her blatant display of bosom "but the one with the curly hair, the one in the rather gaudy green tunic, reminded me of my first ever boyfriend"

Xena simply could not avert her gaze as she handed over the again replete wine goblet, her hands trembled ever so slightly as Gabrielle reached out to accept the drink. The bard involuntarily licked her lips, and Xena's legs suddenly felt weak.

"His name was Peder, I was only five, maybe six years old, but he was the first boy who ever kissed me" Gabrielle seemed unaware of the effect she was having on the warrior, she adopted that faraway look that suggested she was going into story-telling mode. Xena sat down, a little closer this time,

and simply smiled, admiringly. She was totally in love with her beautiful bard.


"We were down by the riverside, I remember it being a very warm summer's day" the bard had half closed her eyes, as she recalled the distant memory,

"I was teaching Peder to read, when he suddenly slipped his arm around my waist. Then he just kissed me" she opened her eyes and smiled.

"I was so shocked, I punched him!" there was a giggle to accompany this remark, "but he just laughed, then kissed me again. Right on the lips"

Xena moved a hand to gently touch the bard's shoulder.

"I punched him harder that time, but secretly I was thrilled" Gabrielle looked to her friend, Xena almost leaned in to kiss the blonde, but pulled away. Instead she jumped up and scurried back to the wine table.

Gabrielle noticed the skittishness, but made no comment.

"On the walk back to Potidaea, we held hands, and I let him kiss me one more time before we reached the village. I even think we vowed to marry each other!" Gabrielle laughed gently, the wedding, the wine, the recollection of childhood had caused her to feel, relaxed, serene.

In contrast, Xena was in a turmoil. Every emotion that she felt towards Gabrielle, every locked-up feeling and desire it seemed was on the point of release. The wine neither aided, nor hindered, the innocence of the bard's tale made her love her more, but also increased her desires.

Being in total, complete control of her emotions had been a mainstay of Xena's character, a bedrock to her success as a warrior.

These uncertainties caused her much unease.

Sitting again, feeling the glow of her friend's smile, Xena had an epiphany.

Some battles could not be won, should not be won. The struggle to control, even hide her feelings towards this amazing, beautiful woman, was one such battle. From whatever source, Gabrielle was a gift. The gift of life. Xena realised that without her, her own life was nothing, forfeit.

Gabrielle truly was her shared eternal soul.

Now, thoughts had to be put into words.


"I am going to tell you something, that I have never told anyone. Not even my brother, Lyceus" Xena hoped that her voice conveyed suitable gravitas, without sounding overly grave.

There was a look of curiosity, almost puzzlement in the green eyes that shone back. The bard appeared to be about to speak, Xena put a finger, very gently to her lips. "Please listen, this won't be easy"

The warrior took a deep breath, silently wished she had her friend's ability with words, then began.

"I was fifteen when I had my first kiss. My first proper kiss."

She faltered, the memory suddenly becoming very vivid in her own mind.

Gabrielle sensed her friend's unease, gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

"I didn't have close friends, a best friend. Lyceus was really that to me"

The bard knew how close Xena had been to her younger brother, so to be told something that even he had never been privy too, made her feel uniquely honoured and privileged. She again squeezed Xena's hand, interlaced her fingers with her friend's.

"Take your time, Xena" her words were soothing, loving.

"I know I was fifteen because my mother had thrown a party at the inn, a few months previously. Lita, the girl who had somehow attached herself to me, was younger, still just fourteen, I think" she paused to sip on her wine.

"I hadn't really known her before, but suddenly it seemed, we became firm friends, I cannot explain how. At first I thought she held a torch for my brother, she would join us on horseback rides, picnics and the like, but eventually it became just two of us. Lita and me"

The warrior again hesitated, she became unsure whether this confession was indeed a wise thing to do. In the pretence of needing to wipe her brow, she disengaged her hand from Gabrielle's.

"We were together in the woods one day, picking mushrooms I think, when Lita suddenly asked me to kiss her. I was quite shocked, but curious.

She told me that she was going on a date, a boy had asked her to the solstice festival, but she was embarrassed because she had never kissed someone before" Xena paused to study her friend's face.

Gabrielle was almost expressionless.

"Well anyway, we kissed" the warrior resumed. "In truth, she kissed me. It quickly became obvious to me that Lita was by no means inexperienced. She started doing things with her tongue that I didn't know about. I was the more innocent, but I learned quickly, and joined in. I enjoyed it, Gabrielle"

It was the younger woman's turn to drain her goblet and move to the table.

"So, you kissed with another girl." There was a quality in her tones that suggested jealousy, though possibly just shock. Xena did not know which. "Just the one time?"

Xena took a deep breath, she had ventured this far, it seemed pointless not to finish her admission.

"It became a bit of a habit, 'the kissing game' we called it. Every time we did it, we just giggled and laughed it off. Then about a week or two later, something else happened"

There was a tension in the room that had not previously existed, both women were aware of it.

"Lita turned up at the inn one evening, she had told my mother some story that she was alone in her house, and asked if she could stay overnight. I was happy, I really had no idea that she might have engineered the whole situation. She even managed to persuade mother that we could be allowed to clear up the tables, and have a mug of ale as a reward" Xena was now looking firmly to the floor, she could not bring herself to look into Gabrielle's face.

"We joked and giggled as we cleaned up, drinking the ale made me slightly light-headed, though in truth I had drank before, so I am not at all saying I was drunk. I went to my bedroom first, Lita was using the outhouse, I quickly changed into my night-shirt, and went to bed." Another pause,

another gulp of wine.

"When Lita came in, I heard her take off her clothes, blow out the candle, then she climbed in bed with me. 'Your bed is over there silly!' I told her, but she just giggled. 'I want to play the kissing game' she told me"

The warrior stopped, finally looked her friend in the face. Unsure of what reaction to expect, Xena noticed a slight flush on the bard's cheeks, her breathing was a little quicker than normal. Fascination seemed to be the primary expression. As she turned away, the warrior could not help but glimpse again the bard's incredible curves. Her nipples were erect.

"It seemed to happen so slowly, as if time somehow was stretched. We were no longer just kissing, but touching too, caressing each other. Though a little younger, and a lot smaller than me, Lita took control. She lead, I followed, but I followed willingly. I cannot properly describe the sensations I felt, frightened yet thrilled, panicked at first, but my body was screaming for more." The tall woman looked around the room, as if wary of eavesdroppers.

"We made love. She touched me, kissed me in every place imaginable. I became so loud in my moanings, that she had to cover my mouth. It was shockingly wonderful. I thought for a moment I was dying, out of my mind.

That was my first orgasm. I even remember being annoyed because Lita laughed, but she just told me that it was funny to her. 'Don't you play with yourself?' she asked me in amazement"

Xena was not used to telling stories, certainly not such intimate confessions. She wished that Gabrielle would interject, ask something, say anything. But the bard remained silent, her face a picture of concentration. The warrior felt compelled to go on.

"That was the beginning of a long and adventurous night. Lita never seemed to tire of touching me, kissing me. She asked if I had a hairbrush, and then demonstrated what could be done with the handle… She excited my body with her tongue, and taught me how to do the same for her. And all the time she whispered endearments, spoke of love and joy."

Finally, Gabrielle interrupted. "So what became of her?" she asked simply.

"Well, as I mentioned before, Lita was experienced at this sort of thing.

Though I didn't know it at the time, I was not the only girl or indeed woman she had bedded. She left Amphipolis soon after, at the same time as

Yolanda, an unmarried woman in her thirties….."

Gabrielle suddenly stood up. "I need more wine" there was a nervousness in her voice, Xena became concerned.

"I told you this for a reason, Gabrielle. Please. Let me explain"

The bard remained at the table. When Xena stood up, Gabrielle took a step back. The warrior's heart sank. She spoke very quickly, as if to hesitate would render herself mute.

"I like women Gabrielle, that is what I am trying to explain. Yes, Lita seduced me, but I was an eager partner. Even back then, I somehow just knew, that I was attracted to other women" she stopped, merely to raise a hand.

"Yes I know I have been with men, but life is not always straightforward, circumstances take control. Men to me were sex, power. Women are pleasure, ecstasy, love. I love y…"

"I need time to think" and with those words, Gabrielle bolted from the room, leaving Xena's declaration unfinished.


The warrior sat on the bed, in abject desolation. She cursed her own stupidity, her clumsiness. Conveying emotions, inner thoughts and feelings had never been her strong point. She had been foolish to try. There was one stark consolation in all this, nothing could hurt her again.

No hand, no arrow, no sword could ever cause pain such as she felt right now. Gabrielle leaving her was the ultimate blow. Xena now knew what death was. Actual death, physical death, would be a blessing. The death of her soul was too agonising to bare.

Tears welled in her eyes, but did not flow, she drank goblet upon goblet of wine, it had no taste. She had no memory of the day just spent, only an image of the sweetest face filled her mind, it was like torture, yet she could not shut it out.

Xena did not hear the door opening, but sensed a presence in the room.

She looked up slowly, disbelieving almost as a sudden chill was lifted from her heart. Gabrielle still wore the same white dress, yet looked different.

The bard calmly walked to the table and poured out two goblets, carried them with a beatific smile to the bed where Xena sat.

"I took a bath, do I smell nice?" she said in neutral tones, though her eyes were sparkling.

"You smell wonderful, you look wonderful" Xena could not keep the love from her voice. "Why did you leave?" it had to be asked.

"All that new information, I really did need time to think, to absorb what you said to me" the bard replied.

"And?" was all Xena could say.

"I'm angry with you" said the blonde-haired woman, without a trace of anger in her voice.

Xena's brow furrowed.

Gabrielle stood up, spun around, looked up and down the length of her own body. "I am a woman, in case you hadn't noticed" she said.

The warrior was momentarily mute, as the bard sat down, very close to the warrior. Green eyes met blue.

"I have desires too, needs. My body aches to be touched, to be loved. I crave affection, pleasure." Gabrielle never let go of the locked gaze.

"But Gabrielle, I didn't know. I mean I didn't know you would want such things from a woman" Xena tried to explain herself, touching the bard's cheek, gently.

"Let me say something to you. I don't know about sex as power. I don't worry if I'm supposed to be attracted to men or to women. All I do know, is that I love you. I love you, Xena. I think I always have done. And yes, I am attracted to you. Your body, your mind, your soul."

"Gabrielle?" The warrior could scarcely dare to hear this. It was too good to be true. Life was simply not like that.

The bard picked up one of Xena's hands, placed it inside the bodice of her white dress. "Feel me being excited by your touch?" the bard breathed as she guided Xena's hand in a circular motion over her own breast.

"That Lita asked if you played with yourself. I do that almost every night, Xena. I masturbate, with images of you in my head. Right now, my thighs are awash with my own juices. Hades! Warrior Princess! I cannot believe that all this time, we have travelled together, and you have not once made a pass at me. Not once tried to touch me. Not once given in to your desires"

Xena was almost speechless. "I was frightened Gabrielle. Losing your friendship would be Tartarus, ten times over. I just didn't dare"

Gabrielle sighed, by now the warrior was caressing her breast without guidance, her other hand was stroking up and down her back, lingering occasionally on her behind.

"We have a lot of lost time to catch up on" Gabrielle grinned and leaned in, open-mouthed to kiss with brutal passion, her best friend, soon to be lover.

The embrace lasted until each were breathless, Gabrielle taking the opportunity to do some exploring of her own.

Having quickly rummaged over Xena's breasts, one hand was now firmly positioned deep between the warrior's legs, three fingers working inside the wetness, her thumb making circular passes over the excited clitoris.

"The Gods!" Xena gasped when their mouths finally parted, "I am going to pleasure you every available minute, of every available day"

"You better had!" the bard warned, arching her back slightly to accept Xena's mouth on to her nipples. For a while, no more words were spoken, each woman content to merely gasp, and sigh and moan their approval of the other's actions.

"I want to tongue you, taste you" Gabrielle finally managed to speak.

Xena was now breathing heavily, the bard's fingers having transported her to the brink of the precipice

"Don't ask, never ask! Just do it!" it was a frantic entreaty.

The younger woman was lost in her own pleasure, her face could not smile, as she lowered her self down, pushed up the bottom of the purple dress, and then unleashed her tongue and lips on the very centre of Xena's universe.

It took but minutes for the warrior to begin bucking and writhing in uncontrolled bliss, yet Gabrielle persisted with her actions, digging her nails into Xena's buttocks, she even increased the pace and ferocity of her relentless lapping. Her mouth, nose and lips were smothered in Xena's essence when she finally raised herself, the warrior was lying with her head

thrashing from side to side, an almost inhuman screech of delight emanating from her mouth.

The bard had returned to nestle beside her soulmate, her countenance glowing with love. They exchanged long, languorous kisses.

"My heart is yours Xena. My body is yours. My soul is yours"

This time, a single tear did escape, it rolled slowly down the warrior's cheek.

"I will do anything for you, Gabrielle. If that priest is still around I will get him to marry us" it was the most loving thing Xena could think of to say.

It was the most loving thing Gabrielle had ever heard.

"I don't think he's allowed to" she smiled and kissed her reply.

"But about doing anything…." Gabrielle sat up, raised the hem of her dress and pulled down the sodden lace underpants.

Xena smiled.